About Us

Our company started with an idea that comes from a common and sometimes controversial question. When asked, “Are you religious?”, our brand’s eccentric creator would reply to anyone who ever asked, “Yes! I do Pilates. I call it Church of Joe.”

This seemingly odd response but for her, the Pilates studio is a place she goes to feel good from the inside out with like-minded people who also value this form of physical activity and respect the space. A place to check in with yourself and perhaps other people. A place to escape, manifest, create, heal, and maybe even connect with your other religion if you have one. This concept can apply to any form of workout, from a walk on a beach, to boxing, Barre… You name it. Whatever the activity, no matter if you find fellowship in a group, or connection with your inner self, we know movement feeds our spirit.

A Pilates studio is where the dream of creating this brand arose…With an undying love for athletics and movement, paired with a creative eye for the avant garde, came a desire to make luxury clothing that is versatile and comfortable. Our products are high quality but for a quantity of activities. Made in the United States in fabrics that are most glamorous in the athleisure world, yet still functional. With exceptional attention to detail, paired with sexy and lux design, we are committed to providing clothing for people who move religiously. We have started this journey with the female body in mind. Our goal is to eventually provide athleisure and resortwear apparel for all ages, genders, and sizes. This is only the beginning.